Lightclan is one of the roleplay clans by the lake along with Duskclan, Dawnclan, and Stormclan. Lightclan lives on a flat, moore like cliff, east of Duskclan, and southeast of Dawnclan. Stormclan is on the opposite side of the lake, so they have no contact with them outside of gatherings. The cliff on which they live of drops off at the lake (like a waterfall without the water), with a rock side to the east, and a gentle slope down to Dawnclan territory. They have thin pelts with thick, blacks pads and muscular legs, good for climbing around their rocky territory.

Go here to roleplay in Lightclan. Please remember to follow the Role Play Rules!


Leader: N/A

Deputy: Mintleaf- pretty, pure-white she-cat with bright green eyes. Rpd by: Leaffy!

Medicine Cat: N/A




Swiftpaw- a pretty white she-cat with black tipped ears and tail. Role-Played By Fallow





Elders (Inactive Roleplayers):


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