Here on project fanfiction, we create stories to entertain fellow users! Not all of them are using real warriors from the series.

Leader- Pouncestar

Deputy- N/A

Sn. Warriors- N/A

Warriors- N/A

Apprentices- Leafwing

Elders- (Inactive Writers) N/A

If you want to join this project, leave a message on the talk page an an example of your work. Once we have stories up, i will pick a new leader and deputy since i am leader in Project:Chararts. To become a warrior, you must have been on this wiki for 1 month, and have at least 2 three paragraph stories here. To become a sn. warrior you must have been here for 3 monthes, and have at least 6 three paragraph stories here. The deputy can can be any user at any rank (exccept elder) choosen by the leader. Any cat can become an elder, by either resigning, or being inactive in writing. if you have any questions leave a message on my talk.

~ Pouncestar

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