~~Needs Charart~~


Pinestar is a reddish-brown tom.




Pinestar was the leader of ThunderClan when Bluekit was born. When he only had one life left, and after countless journeys into Twolegplace, he didn't want to die. He left ThunderClan to become a kittypet. At the end of Bluestar's Prophecy, Bluestar is happy to see that Pinestar has joined StarClan because he was there at her leader ceremony, and they weren't sure if he would be in StarClan because he left to be a kittypet. At her leader ceremony, he gave to her the gift of compassion, to judge with her heart and mind. Pinestar is father of Tigerstar, Mistkit and Nightkit, and mate of Leopardfoot. It is thought because of his departure with his kits, Tigerstar hates all the kittypets, including Firestar.

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