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Poppyfrost is a tortoishell and white she-cat with amber eyes.


Mother- Sorreltail

Father- Brackenfur

Sisters- Cinderheart, Honeyfern, Seedkit and Lilykit

Brother- Molepaw

Mate- Berrynose

Kits- Molepaw, Cherrypaw


Poppyfrost is the daughter of Brackenfur and Sorreltail. She is also the sister of Cinderheart, Honeyfern, and Molepaw. She was first introduced as a kit, Poppykit, near the end of Twilight. She is seen as an apprentice, Poppypaw, in The Sight, mentored by Thornclaw.

In The Sight, Poppypaw comes close to dying due to an extreme case of greencough, but Jayfeather heals her by entering her dreams and leading her away from StarClan, and she recovers quickly. She continues her apprenticeship until Eclipse, when she receives her warrior name, Poppyfrost, along with her sister Honeyfern.

At the end of The Fourth Apprentice, she gave birth to two unnamed kits, with Berrynose being the father. Later in Fading Echoes, they are name Cherrykit and Molekit.

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