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Sunstar is a bright ginger tom with green eyes.


Brother- Featherwhisker


Sunstar is the leader before Bluestar. He was the deputy of ThunderClan in Bluestar's Prophecy and his warrior name was Sunfall. He was Bluestar's mentor, after her former mentor, Stonepelt, had to move to the elder's den, due to an injury. Sunfall encouraged Bluefur every time she was downhearted, specifically after the deaths of Moonflower, Snowfur, and the disappearance of her kits, Mosskit, Stonekit and Mistykit. Sunstar's original deputy, Tawnyspots, had to retire early due to sickness, and Sunstar needed another cat to be deputy, a position which Thistleclaw wanted badly; however, he chose Bluefur instead because he thought Thistleclaw was too violent and Bluefur lost so much. Sunstar had a secret: because Pinestar still had one life left when Sunstar had his leader ceremony, StarClan only gave him eight lives, instead of nine. Sunstar later died after being weakened by sickness and unable to outrun a Twoleg dog. At Bluestar's leader ceremony, Sunstar gave to her the gift of courage. He is brother to Featherwhisker, ThunderClan's former medicine cat.