• Otter228


    November 16, 2011 by Otter228


    I am Otter228. Just call me Otter when speaking to me. (or whatever you like ^_^)

    I like Warriors, if you didn't already guess.

    My main and first warrior character for Lost In The Warriors World is Soulpaw. (information below) ^3^

    Hi, I'm Soulpaw! I'm a slender white she-cat with pale gray stripes and jet black paws and tail tip. I never knew how I got in CloverClan. I just simply was for as long as I can remember. I never knew who my parents were, I just had assumed they had died when I was younger. I can only remember that I hadn't always been in CloverClan. I get fragments of memory every now and then and I'm known to zone out during the moments those memories flash through my mind. I've been scolded many times for that and I've been …

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