About HerEdit

Woodstalk is a chestnut queen in Swiftclan. She is an amiable, kind soul but because of her being a queen, she can be angered if grouchy. She gave birth to 3 kits, Rosekit (ginger she-cat with amber eyes), Quailkit (light brown tom with blue eyes), and Dawnkit (Black she-cat with green eyes). One of her kits, Dawnkit, is named in rememberence to her sister, Dawnlight, who passed into Starclan after getting hit by a monster. Dawnkit was named after Dawnlight because of her similar appearance to her. It is believed that Dawnkit is Dawnlight reincarnated.


  • Mother~ Bluesky (Elder)
  • Father~ Oaktail (Deceased)
  • Sister~ Dawnlight (Deceased)
  • Brother~ Snowblaze
  • Mate~ Jayflight

~Needs Charart~

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